Swash is creating Community Benefits (Requested)

S3RL Supporter

$1 /mo
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Cool photos of me (I guess)
  • Patron-only polls
  • Get a cool Donator role in discord (permanently)

S3rl Fan

$5 /mo
  • First to get into Public Events! Including when s3rl joins the voice channel and you get to meet him.
  • Free entry to all monetary prize tournaments that require a fee to join.
  • ...

S3RL Super fan

$10 /mo
  • Exclusive first hand seat to meet s3rl when he's online in the discord.
  • You majorly help out paying all server expenses, this includes, monetary tournaments, game servers, and mor...

S3RL Omega Fan

$20 /mo
  • I'll write your name on all osu beatmaps (that go on s3rl's vids)
  • You get to help me decide what game tournaments will be played. You could use this advantage to pick a game you'r...

S3RL Ultimate Fan

$50 /mo
  • Exclusive 5 minutes with s3rl in a voice call when he's online in the discord.
  • Custom role on the discord that can be whatever you want!
  • Plus all previous rewards

S3RL's #1 Fan

$100 /mo
  • This money will go into a dedicated machine for game servers. You may have up to 2 game servers of your choice at any time, run and managed by us!
  • With s3rl's permission. I'll be ...

S3rl's Richest fan

$1,500 /mo
  • I will literally, drive to your house. Give you a hug, and take you to see s3rl on his tour. This applies to U.S. areas only.
  • I love you <3
  • seriously thank you <3