Bronyatheart is creating memes

$1 /mo
You get exclusive access to a patron only livestream, where I will play games joke around, make memes, videos, etc...

$3 /mo
The above

I'll follow you on tumblr!

$5 /mo
All the above

and you'll get my personal skype, to chat with me!

$10 /mo
All the above

I'll make you my version of a fan art, a meme dedicated to you, and your OC!

$25 /mo
All the above, and Ill dedicate 30mins of my life to you! on skype!

$30 /mo
all of the above

I'll make a very special video dedicated to whatever you want, want me to do something stupid? Sure! Want me to explain why I fan girl over something? Can't complain. Want m...

$50 /mo
f you feel the need to loose some money at this point, you'll get everything above plus I'll become a fanboy of you! I'll like and reblog almost everything you post! (because I am a money grabbing ...

$100 /mo
Why in God's name would you give me $100? Fine you are now my employer, and I am your bitch. Just keep in mind I have the right to say no, if it's REALLY bad!