Storm Warriors International is creating Videos and Media Depicting Humanitarian Rescue

Able Bodied Seaman

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Welcome aboard shipmate! Becoming an ABS is rewarded with a simple "Thank you"!  We need many who are willing to offer this meaningful monthly support of $2.


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Storm Warrior Navigators steer a courageous course! After 10 months of Navigator support, you can request a Storm Warrior T-Shirt and Membership Card. Simply email us with your contact information ...


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Commanders drive hard into courageous acts of selfless aid! After 5 months of Commander level support, you can request a Storm Warriors T-Shirt and Membership Card; after 10 months of Commander lev...

Storm Sailor

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Storm Sailors deploy whenever the going gets rough! After 6 months of support, in addition to the Commander's rewards, you can request a named Film Credit on the next Storm Warriors humanitarian vi...

Master Chief

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Master Chiefs make it happen, anywhere-anytime! After 8 months of Master Chief support, you can request the full rewards package, Membership Card, T-Shirt, SWI Cap AND you'll receive an autographed...


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We LOVE Patreon's monthly support concept; but perhaps you want to make a one time or custom donation of any amount? 

If so, ignore the "Get $50 Reward" button at the bottom o...


Rear Admiral

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All hands on deck! When the flag officers appear, lots of things happen, and quickly! After 2 months of Rear Admiral support, the full gift set is automatically sent to you and a special mention Fi...