John Bivens is creating Comic Books and Illustrations

Tier 1

$1 /mo
Just a tip because you like what I do and want to help me do it. You will get weekly picts of the premiere mid-west comics studio, World Monster HQ.

Tier 3

$5 /mo
Buy me a fancy coffee.

Video of me digitally drawing a panel each week.

Tier 4

$10 /mo
Buy me a lunch.

Watch videos of me traditionally inking sketches, pages, and covers.
(I work mostly digital now, but still try to keep my hands stained with ink)

Tier 5

$20 /mo
Buy me Dinner.

Along for the ride reward:
I'm always working on a pitch, and at this level you are brought along for the ride. It's a really good level for the people who love process.

Tier 6

$25 /mo
Help keep a roof over my head.

For patrons giving $25 or more, I will hold a drawing every quarter to receive an 11"x17" ink sketch (valued usually at $200-$400).