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A Los Angeles based composer, pianist, music director, Jaythan Sparks has been a local on the music scene in Los Angeles for many years. His love for music started when he was very young. Having a formal music instructor at the age of 7, Jaythan would practice his piano lessons from the time he would arrive home from school until it was time for bed. Listening to detective movies, and investigative television shows of the '70s, Jaythan would find himself glued to his black & white 13-inch T.V. remembering cues.

Jaythan started to realize his love and passion for movie scores and epic music when his name was entered into the 1978 and 79 "Who's Who in Music" textbook for the Los Angeles, California version of the national publication. This entry parlayed into Jaythan receiving a music scholarship to California State University, Northridge. Jaythan was also accepted into the New England Conservatory of Music, in Hartford, CT.

Although Jaythan has never had formal training in the art of film scoring, he has always taken this passion seriously. He has completed several Trailer Academy Online Training courses, Evenant's Trailer Classes, and have listened to 10's of thousands of hours of music in his adult life.

Jaythan has a love for all music, namely jazz, classical, fusion, r&b, new age, gospel, and electronic. His style of playing varies from modern to contemporary. He has scored media music for Honda, US Robotics, Outdoor Systems, Toshiba, and ITT.

Jaythan is an active member of the Musician's Union of Hollywood, CA (local 47). Also, BMI Songwriters Association, Songwriters Guild of America, Los Angeles Music Teacher's Association and American Federation of Musicians.

Jaythan continues to compose, instruct and teach music anytime he is offered the opportunity. He enjoys writing and playing music for a wide variety of audiences and genres.

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