Project Stamina

is creating a 3rd-Person team-versus action moba
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About Project Stamina

Project: Stamina is the development name for a Team-Versus-Team Action-MobA, designed to make competitive play accessible to casual players while rewarding higher-skilled players with a variety of intricate mechanics to explore.

Our designs prominently feature:
  • Powerful resource-fueled movement options.
  • Versatile character progression.
  • Maps built around accessible verticality.
  • Multiple game modes, each with unique objectives.
  • Support for high-level competitive play.
Interested in meeting our community and learning more? Join our community discord and stay up-to date with all the action!
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Time to give back!

At $500/month, we'll invite our patrons to follow along/participate in our character creation process. We will take you through our design process and let our patrons vote on the design choices every step of the way.

We'll also get to work on our first run of Merch. Patrons will receive discounts based on their support tiers.
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