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Welcome. Thank you sincerely for joining me on this journey of creativity, imagination and music.I have been at this for  decades, and what I promise is a deep level of sincerity and devotion to my creative work, and to the work I share with you.  I've been immersed in and studying since the day they brought me home: a fat little May 3rd baby in the lush, rugged hills of the Berkshires, happiest of all when my dad blasted the Etta James and Ray Charles at me. 

Please feel free to sample some music, and get a feel for my stuff: videos of live drum and keyboard performance:

I also just released my debut album on iTunes!  Music Is Your First Language, by Tristan Luke. Feel free to visit this blog post and read about it.

I am a university trained jazz and funk drummer, keyboardist, songwriter and producer. Unlike many of the artist and producers you hear who work from samples and rearrange prerecorded audio, I play all these parts by hand, from the heart. My work is original, recognizable in style, and I am as devoted and diligent as anyone you’ll find.  I invite you to learn more about my journey as an artist here:

I have a genuine love for and lifelong connection with animals.  Feel free to read here about one of my visits with an exotic wildlife rescue!  I got to groove with wolves, visit a big kitty, deliver breakfast to an African porcupine, and stand in a wading pool with a four foot alligator in my arms.  Try this blog post, lots of pictures to enjoy.  Broken Arrow

I also teach music: drums, keyboard, music theory and musicianship. I have a long history of working with special needs people as well as children and adults, with real devotion to unlocking their love of music. I also write fiction. I have an entire book of novellas and short stories called Letters To An Imaginary Girlfriend which I intend to publish in the coming  year: stories dealing with magical realism. I do intend to share much of this writing with my Patreon supporters as well. I publish blog posts, ideas, commentary.  .If you get involved and support me, you will discover weekly and often daily music, blog posts, fiction, commentary, and highly devotional work of all kinds.

My next album is The Language Of The Machines, and I am super excited to share with my supporters the latest song from that, The Android Dreams Of Love. It is a highly energetic electro-disco funker, up tempo with an infectious bass line and talkbox hook. I will be sharing a link with you, my subscribers, to an mp3 of the latest mix for songs like this. You can check these as often as you like; I update songs several times a day. You'll get to witness the genesis and evolution of a song, various mixes, changes in arrangement, etc.  There is much more to come. Thank you again, with deepest sincerity, for your interest in my work. Feel free to get in touch anytime.  Wishing you lots of love, and all the best.


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