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About Bilbo Calvez

Hello dear people!

I'm a French interactive multimedia artist living in Berlin for 32 years.

My aim in these delicate times, where our privilege to thrive on our planet is in danger, is to spread the vision of a peaceful and beautiful future. A world where the human family decides to cooperate, instead of competing against, each other. To rediscover empathy and love instead of envy and fears. A world where we stop counting and comparing the wealth or popularity or power of others.

The vision of a future world without money.

My motorbike teacher once said to me, on a bend, don’t stare at the wall or you'll crash into it. No matter how scared you are, keep your focus on the way ahead. That is exactly what I'm doing with my work. Sure, I know about the wall and I know that the bend is extremely sharp and short but still, I keep my focus on the way ahead and encourage others to do the same.
With our thoughts focused on a beautiful way ahead, we can create this beautiful reality. Using our energy to find solutions and initiate them instead of complaining or searching for the guilty.

With the project "Die Bärensuppe", "the bear/Berliner soup", I want to give people the opportunity to experience trust and abundance. 
The principle is simple. The visitors bring vegetables, herbs and spices and they cook together. With no chef or cook around. And if by coincidence a chef is there among the guests, he can offer his knowledge and even lead the cooking of the soup if the others agree to that. But he might also decide to just sit and relax. Regardless of what people bring for the soup (or not!) and how much they participate in the making of the soup (if at all!), everybody is welcome to eat.

"Give what you can - and wish, eat what you need - and wish!" Die Bärensuppe symbolises a society free from money or other controlled form of exchange. You might be tired or super-active, you might be sick or healthy, you might be slow or fast, young or old, educated or not, simple minded or a genius, whatever your differences are you still need to eat. And after the last few years I can say: "There is always more than enough!" An experience of abundance and a chance to regain trust in another.

The first exhibition took place in Berlin and since then, the vegan soup has been travelling to many cities and villages throughout Germany and Austria. About 500 volunteers have already contributed their free time and energy to the Bärensuppe.

Beside the soup itself, 12 movies presenting projects or people bringing us a few steps nearer a money-free society have been produced and screened. They speak of strategies from basic income, to living without money, through bitcoin, local money and also of course the spiritual path.

In order to support people by "training their utopian and creative nerve", I offer Workshops, Talks and Discussions.

Currently, I'm writing a fiction about the transition from our time to a better future as well as preparing a new project about the importance of female intelligence for peace, which will be launched in Summer 2019.

To continue with all this work I need to buy myself time! Not free time, as I'm, if not always in action at least always in thought, completely dedicated to making my dream of a peaceful future on a cherished planet a reality.

Many thanks to you in helping me to help others to focus and create a beautiful future.

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