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Hi! I'm Christena. I'm all about integrating Black Liberation and the Divine Feminine. I also direct the Center for Justice and Renewal where we help justice seekers sharpen their advocacy skills while also deepening their connection to healing and to the Divine. As a social psychologist, public theologian, and activist, I’m passionate about forming and supporting people as they practice justice that is strategic, sustainable, and deeply rooted in love.

The work you're supporting:

Every day it seems we are waking up to another mass shooting, report of racialized police brutality, or rape apologist. These acts of domestic terrorism are scary, but as Jenifer Lewis recently stated, "These are not dark times, these are awakening times." During this extraordinarily difficult era, we can awaken to a practice of justice that is sustained by love and not fear, a oneness that affirms the particularity of individual experiences as well as the common humanity of us all, a sociological imagination that illuminates how social identity and social location propel or impede our movement in the world, and an ecumenical spirituality that humbly drinks from the many rivers that lead to the Divine.

I spend many hours writing justice material, facilitating workshops, making speeches, and developing a holistic curriculum that can deepen and sustain us over the long haul as we seek justice for all people. Your support will allow me to continue creating content on a consistent basis. A few of my current projects are listed below. Again, thank you for visiting my page. If you believe in my vision and you have the means, please become a patron. Let's continue this journey together.

Thank you to those who have supported my work over the years and to those who are newly considering. 

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Current projects: 

  • Black Madonna Project – I recently returned from central France for 5 weeks to visit 18 Black Madonnas in order to connect with and learn from the exquisite communities that have embraced God is a Black Woman for millennia. The journey continues with a virtual tour here.
  • Writing – I’m currently writing my 3rd and most personal book, God is a Black Woman (Harper One). Drawing on my own experiences as a black woman in America, I examine how Western cultural views on race and gender impact our collective experience of the Divine. This feels like the book I was born to write, and I can’t wait to get it into your hands!
  • Just Leadership Institute for emerging activists of color – An annual, FREE (tuition & room/board), holistic learning experience for millennial activists of color. Participants are guided in reflecting on their experiences as people of color seeking justice, deepening their understanding of the complexities of social justice practice, assessing the power they uniquely possess in their community context and identifying the justice pathways in their context. Participants also receive individual coaching from me and other seasoned leaders.
  • Speaking Tour – I’m often on the road and I hope to see you out there!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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