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About Lara Kavanagh

'Haunting, nostalgic and beautiful'
'Perfect Minimalism... like a fragment of a noble granite statue'
Lara Kavanagh is a UK based artist, where she graduated in BA Fine Art. Kavanagh brings elements of classic figurative painting to a contemporary platform. Her signature collections takes you through an enchanting journey into the eerie. Her subjects are isolated to a still frame, with an emphasis on energy and mood, creating inventories of melancholic events, dim scenes and empty grounds. She employs fine detail and delicate hues, soft shadows that give into dramatic light, creating a theatrical and climactic narrative. Kavanagh appointed the term kuro, black from Japanese language, to outline her sombre palette. The artist feels the solemn shades reflect the ethereal qualities behind her work. Kavanagh has been exhibiting her art extensively in the UK and in Far East Asia.

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