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After decades of yoga & meditation I have learned what truly is considered the foundation of the practices:  Coming Home to Yourself.  Shedding the layers of striving to be more & do more, anxiety at not being enough, stepping away from the opinions of others and catching my breath has been my journey the past couple of years. I've endured cancer ( a few kinds) , survived the loss of several loved ones, been berated for not doing enough & struggling with feelings of where do I belong.  
Since selling my yoga studio located in the Northeast in 2013 & moving "back home" to Virgina I have unpacked the baggage that has weighed heavily on my spirt & simplified my existence.  Meditation has been my constant companion during this time & now I am ready to share with you the simple & sincere meditations that are the solid foundation from which I gracefully endure life and all  that comes with it.  
Make yourself comfortable, exhale & come on home home...home to yourself.

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