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I am Crasus Iyoy, Jr. and I have written a novel entitled "The Dogon Door." It is a murder mystery, however its characters, realizing that they could never find out who the perpetrator of the murder was, try to figure out the motive behind it instead. In the end the novel's main character, Clayton Jeffries, may have stumbled upon the secret to mankind's evolution and the reason why the perpetrators never wanted us to discover it. While I've been able to publish my ebook on Amazon's Kindle, I continue to struggle trying to market and sell it. The publishing industry has changed tremendously over the past decade and authors have had to develop new ways of selling their work utilizing the various new platforms that recently have become available. I am in the process of discovering the challenges that I face in trying to market my novel and attracting attention from prospective readers. However, with my resources being quite limited, I have to appeal for assistance from prospective patrons. I am in serious need of help very quickly very soon as I foresee that my food budget will only last me until mid-January. I also fret about my living conditions, wondering if I will end up on the streets of New Jersey under severely cold winter conditions. I am, therefore, appealing for any kind of support in this endeavor and I shall forever be grateful for any help extended in whatever shape or form it comes..

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