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About ThisBytesForYou

ThisBytesForYou is driven by my passion for PC's, Technology and the arts. Coming from a very technical background, I like to provide as much as information as possible to help everyone, but I learn things too, everything I share though because that's what you should do with knowledge. Aside from computers, I am a gamer, I love gaming on computers and a bit on consoles too.

On this page, I show you how to build computers, gaming PC's and basic computers, I show you how to update your PC as well. I show you how to install CPU's, Motherboards, RAM, Video cards and more all the way down to even installing Windows. I show you a ton of other stuff too, not only computer related.

  I love playing with new things, and that's what I do here. Come play with me at ThisByesForYou and help me grow, and as I grow I can provide you with some giveaways, laughs and anything else I can throw your way. This Bytes For You

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