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is creating programming tutorials and video courses.
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You've benefited personally and/or professionally from my content, and you want me to continue creating free high-quality resources. You'll get super early access to all my video courses and your feedback would help shape the final products. You'll also get 25% off if you decide to buy any paid course, as well as a shout out on the home page of the Alpha Coder blog.




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About Nicholas Kajoh

I'm a Software Engineer passionate about sharing what I learn with anyone and everyone. I know how hard it can be to learn new stuff, especially programming stuff. I've been there. I still struggle. I want to make it easier and faster for others to learn and I want to create an enabling environment where people can kickstart or boost their careers in tech.
I write on Alpha Coder (my programming blog) and organize free offline workshops. I'm currently working on a free video course on software testing and looking to start webinars where I can interact with learners around the world directly and answer their questions. I need your financial support to continue creating free and high-quality content for software developers. We can together democratize knowledge and help many accomplish their career goals!

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