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Many of you have seen my do my hilarious (your words not mine) impressions! For $3 I will do impressions of anyone you want and I'll even get in costume if you like :D come join the shenanigans!

You'll also get tech tips from me. Phone, computer, apps, camera, photos!




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About Kristen Iness

Hi! My name is Kristen Iness and I am a content creator on youtube. My youtube channel is I make planner videos also a bit of lifestyle. Check me out!

What you will get from me is blunt, honest opinions about the planning community, life, mental health, motherhood, marriage, and everything in between! I hope you sign up and come back for more, can't wait to connect with you!
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Making $30 a month, may seem like a small amount to ask for, but it will help me out a lot! I want to provide exclusive content so you get your monies worth! Help me reach my goal, and I promise you wont regret it!
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