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"Deep in the Forest
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Consider this a subscription to a monthly delivery of hand painted items in the style of Amid Moon and Meadow. It could be a painting or painted tote bag. Whatever it is, I plan to make each monthly box like a care package specifically for my beloved PATRONS<3. Who knows what you'll find but you can be sure that when it's between the Moon and Meadow, you know you will be enchanted!

High In The Tree House
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This tier is a monthly BIG ART VLOG. In the vlog I tell a story all about the happenings in my life and make it artsy. Lots of art making is envolved and I strive to make you feel powerfully inspired and uplifted in every vlog I film.



About Amid Moon and Meadow

Hello and WELCOME to my little neck of the WOODS."Let's ESCAPE TO CREATION TOGETHER!"

My name is Miranda Banks and I am a mixed media artist and hopeless nature lover.  I create my art in hopes to tell you about Jesus Christ and allow you to Escape to Creation. I am starting a project on YouTube called "Painting THE WORD", where I illustrate themes and God's ultimate message to us through his holy word, The Bible. I want to offer that to you for free but in order to keep that running, I need a little bit of help here on Patreon.

With YOUR AWESOME and GRACIOUS help I can spend more time making art for you, earn more time to create online classes in the future, and let's be real, pay those annoying bills, buy groceries and all those adulting things.


If you like what I create, simply choose how much you would like to pledge each month buy shopping the tiers section to your right of the screen. I have sketchbook peeks, monthly stickers, coupon codes, secret art vlogs, mini art classes and more to come.

*Don't feel like your stuck with what you first start pledging,
you can opt out or change your pledge at any time*

So check it all out, explore, escape and let me know if you need any help!
I want to thank you in advance for your generous support in this journey!
You are such a blessing in my life!

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If we can reach $100.00 per month, I will send you a small piece of original, dreamy, surreal, mixed media, landscape artwork every single month.
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