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Temple Heartbeats ~ Green Ray
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Money is an expression of Energy; money can become the flow of love, from one person to another.   

Our HeartBeats let us know we are on track, tapping into new rhythms and new frequencies.  Our Heartbeats help us  show the world that there is an ever-growing affection for the Mother' Goddess and Her compassionate wisdom.   


Holy Body Believers ~ Orange Ray
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Holy Body Believers know that there is no contemplation of any God or Goddess without a physical form to house the soul, and Mother Earth to stand upon.   

Believers help us spread the knowledge of the healthy power of touch.   Believers support the creation of videos about Holy Anointing, and Whole Body Healing. 

Raw & super foods used as medicine, herbs, waters, oils and supplements are explored to enhance the Sacred Vessel.  "Elemental Breaks" are shared,  clips on Earthing, ecstatic dance and the Temple Hug are taught.   


Manifest Mavens ~ Yellow Ray
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Our MM 3rd Chakra Patrons support teachings about perfecting life in the material plane.   Temple's "Ladder of Light" begins with the empowering practice of Divine Witness, in which we give one  another strength by seeing the other's Light of  the Soul: 

The SOL (inner Sun) in U (that's You) 

SOL + U + SOUL !  

Powered by the spiritual mastery of the number 22, Manifest  Mavens use the power of daily ritual and scheduled ceremony to generate willpower and a clear sense of Soul in the world.  





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About Mystic Mother Tracy Elise & Team GoddessBless

Welcome Dear Soul!  

Since 2011, Team Goddess Bless has carried the scales & torch for Justicia, the Goddess of Law .  We are taking a stand to allow restoration of Arizona's sacred temples.  The State of Arizona's courts have denied their own procedures and refused to allow church status for a female-led Mother-deity religion.  We are currently moving up the appellate ladder and will be filing in the Federal District Courthouse December s1, 2019.  We are pleased to be finally free of Arizona's conservative patriarchal politics, which refuse to grant church status to our non-profit educational spiritual organization. 

Team Goddess Bless is keeping this case on point to establish national precedent for tantric practitioners, who have been hounded by accusations of prostitution since the Tantra /Goddess movement began in the U.S. over 40 years ago.  If you enjoy rooting for the little 'Gaia' up against a Giant, you will surely get a kick out of watching the actual trial footage, which we will share as we begin to edit our documentary projects.  Along the way, we'll be posting conversations with friends and family, beloved co-defenders, and our healing tribe too.  

This channel allows us to share our story without censorship, in a fair environment of Co-Creation and kindness.  

We want to emphasize  "divine witness", as we see the best in  each other and in life.  

This is a safe and nurturing womb=space.  We expect to laugh at ourselves (a lot), but will block hate speech as this is our online home.  Privacy allows us to promote a freely feminine perspective, Holy Body sensuality, Tantric sexuality and a unique reverence for all things Ma-Matter-Material are happening here 

Practices Shared:  Ceremonies to bring Energy Awareness, Opening the 3rd Eye, Living   Mystic, Magnetic Touch, Solar Gazing, Holy Water Immersion, Full Chakra Embrace, Healing Power of Touch, Food-As-Medicine, Ecstatic Dance, and more.   Of special interest discovering the Ladd"er of Light" and Tantric (conscious weaving) in Sacred Sexuality.  There will be no "X" here, just tasteful "PG-13" to Harlequin "R". 

Relationships Updates:  Watch as TGB processes in our 8 years legal challenge as we stand tall  for religious freedom. Share common ground with in how we used this storm to strengthen our family's closeness.  We all need to heal from this trauma.  

Documentary Adventures:   Peak behind the curtain and check out the back-stage business of our  journey to produce  "Tracy's Trial: Stand Up for the Goddess" and "Goddess vs The Government: Phoenix Rising, A New Temple Dawns".

To contact Team Goddess Bless or Tracy please write us at:
[email protected]  
$75 of $4,200 per month
Our next three months are devoted to legal work for the appeal in Arizona's Supreme Court.   

On Sept. 26th, Tracy and Ben will find out if they are researching & writing a Supplemental Brief for the Justices.  After this is turned in mid-November, they will seek Amicus Curie briefs from experts, which will be due early January 2020.

If the Petition for Review is not granted, they will assist our new pro bono attorney, who is a devoted First Amendment scholar.   WE will pour through the voluminous trial record in preparation for filing Constitutional civil rights charges against the State of Arizona in federal district court.  

In addition to living expenses (this is very full time until January) a few equipment purchases are needed to capture better documentary footage, and to create more interesting Patreon videos.  

New levels of funding will allow new creators to jump in and co=create here. 
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