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I’m an audiophile who wants to get other people onto a journey of enjoying faithfully reproduced music. It need not be expensive and I review the whole plethora of HiFi products for all budgets. I’m keen that people enjoy music as it should sound such is how consumer audio has seemed to take people away from enjoying well recorded music. Proper music faithfully reproduced, is a life affirming experience.

It has been said that HiFi systems of the 1980s were more than comparable to those of today, if not better. So I’m encouraging people to discard your iPod docks and Bluetooth speakers and join me on a mission to get people back into good audio. To help you get the best bang for your buck in enjoying faithfully reproduced music. What can be more universally enjoyed than that!

I’m doing my reviews in a non technical, well written way, that all will be able to understand, be it budget HiFi, all the way up to top notch Audiophile gear. There is something for everyone. 

How many review websites do you know that aren’t credible and don’t impart credible advice, in the hard business of consumer sales and not really being interested in the consumer. This is where I want to do things differently with 13th Note HiFi Reviews. I’m on the consumers and manufacturers sides in the pursuit of making recommendations for good value for money audio gear and providing fair comparison based reviews. It has to attain the 13th Note!

My website is a hobby and I urgently need people to support me with the costs of my reviews, be it attending shows, driving to pick up HiFi gear and other incidentals. All these costs I have to meet. So far Ive spent quite a few thousand on web development and hosting is costly. If anyone wants me to review particular products I am open to requests too.

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