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About LivEasy

LivEasy provides expert advice and guidance about simple but healthier ways of living. 
It specialises in exercise and nutritional advice that enables people to achieve their goals whether this is to improve lifestyle, lose weight, tone up, improve confidence or just to feel good again. 

What sets LivEasy apart from other fitness and lifestyle providers..? 

We benefit specifically from the help of a Specialist Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare and public sectors. This means were able to advise you on the many health benefits related to regular exercise and improved nutrition no matter what your individual circumstances may be. 

LivEasy appreciates not everyone goes to the gym or even owns a membership so we are going to bring the gym to you! Exercise can be performed inside or outside of a gym environment and in some cases time constraints, families, work and many other things limit the time we have set aside to even consider exercise. So we want to help you to fit exercise into your routine in the comfort of your home or if the weather is nice at your local park. 

Our mission is to aid our supporters in achieving their goals and to help as many people as we can to reap the benefits of regular exercise and good nutrition. 

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