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About r0seph

I created this Patreon in the hopes of generating some support for the creative endeavors I already do in my free time. I love using my creativity for laughs and inspiration for myself and my family. I am interested in making Youtube content for music and art, perhaps commissioned pieces and voice over/commentary for anyone who might be interested. I enjoy doing commentary on social and political issues and would love to meet and collaborate with other creative people and learn from as many people as possible.
This is an experiment that I hope to build support for my creative endeavors and bring my musical and artist talents to more people.
It would make me very happy to be more creative and bring my art to more people for a living.
I dont know what else to say at this time and Patreon wants a certain number of words so Im just going to keep typing until it lets me move on..
There. Thanks for visiting and I hope you consider becoming a patron of mine.
Have a wonderful day.

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