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Hello Everyone, 
  Welcome to my page. My name is Tiffany Ann McGeary and this is my story . I am a brand new artist and have only started painting April 2018. I was  a makeup artist for 13 years but I always felt something was missing.  April 2018 was an interesting time for me and things were changing in my life. I had suffered from depression for the last 12 years of my life as I had lost my little brother in a car accident . I would have weeks I couldn’t get out of bed and had tried to commit suicide several times. Doctors were trying every kind of medicine on me and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. They had me on 3 different medicines when I finally said enough is enough. I decided to come off all the meds and see how I felt. I was also in school at this time and had taken an art history class. I fell in love with everything art instantly and finished the whole book before the class was done. I began to cut down on my meds and go through the side effects. I read how therapeutic painting could be and I began to paint everyday. I had not painted since elementary school and was not very good at first but I learned fast . By the end of the first month I was completely in love with painting and knew it was something I wanted to continue. All the beautiful colors, thoughts, and ideas I had in my head I could put on a canvas. Unlike makeup I could paint anything and use any color. I felt a freedom I had never felt and it was beautiful. Being on depression meds for so long I was so numb and now I had so many feeling and emotions rushing at me I could use in my painting. I felt alive again. To this day I have not had one day in bed being sad. I hop out of bed ready to create each day with excitement. Whatever I am feeling I can paint it. Painting has saved my life and I want to help others who are struggling with depression. Thank you for helping me on this journey . I hope you enjoy my art as everything I create comes from the heart. Love, peace, and painting!

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