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You've got a sharp eye for shiny things and I aim to give them to you.

We're keeping things simple, there's only one tier and you're only charged when I create and release a Patreon 'Thing' (which will almost always be a short story). This tier starts at $1 but if you're feeling generous you can certainly pledge to give more than that.

Whatever you give, thank you, and welcome to my flock :)

About Cori Vidae

I've tried for a few years now to find the time to be two people but unfortunately no matter how hard I try there are still only twenty-four hours in a day. That means that for a few years now, one or the other of my personas has been neglected while I focused on the other one.

It was time to make a choice.

So I've decided to simplify.

Moving forward I will no longer attempt to have a social media presence, because I just haven't got the time to spend there. And trying to maintain a social media presence was taking away all the time I could otherwise have been spending writing.

And that's where Patreon comes in.

I will be shifting all my focus to Patreon. I will blog here and I will release my books and stories here.

Oh, they will also be available at the other usual places online, but for more money. Here, my patrons will only be charged when I put something new out (that means no ongoing monthly payments -- you'll only be charged your pledge amount when I put out something new) and will have access to my entire library in the meantime.

And with a little luck this system will mean I'll get to produce more work than I managed last year. Fingers (or feathers, I suppose) crossed.


Stories currently available:
Prairie Magic
Circles Within Circles
The Longest Night

She's on the Bottom
Moonlight and Magic
Running on Empty
Of Water
Critical Hit

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