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is creating free photographic portraits for courageous families
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This is a very lean operation and not for profit. As a result, the only award I have to offer my patons at this time is portraits for you or your family, (when I'm in your area gifting), after a minimum of a year of patronage.




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About Richard Villacres

Thank you for being here and learning about this portrait gifting work! The vast majority of the families I photograph have never had portraits of any kind. Most of them are homeless, escaping abusive situations, dealing with socioeconomic oppression, or are struggling with cycles of poverty or addiction. This gift of legacy is intended to affirm their worth and dignity despite whatever battles they are waging. There is zero cost to the families or the agencies through which I coordinate family portrait sessions. Each family owns the images I create and I will not be making any kind of profit from the photos. I'm working and surviving on my retirement savings in order to get Jackdaw started. I've been at it full time for over a year now and created portraits for 160 families in my first year. It takes a full time focus in order to keep it going and growing, and my savings won't carry me beyond 2020. It's my goal to have 400 people giving a small amount each month, ($10 or less), so that the work can be self sustaining and broadened in scope. I hope you'll become a part of this gift of legacy for people who take nothing for granted. 

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My goal is to have 400 patrons pledging $10 a month. I did not wait for that goal to be achieved in order to begin. On July 31, 2018 I resigned my full time civil service position as Central Washington University's photographer in order to go full time with Jackdaw. I'm exceedingly grateful to my early and current patrons! Their support has amounted to about 25% of what it costs for me to survive and do the work at a very minimal level. I obviously need more patrons in order to keep it going long term. Patron funds are used to cover photography and print costs for the families, my fuel, food, cell phone, ISP, and very basic living expenses. When our the patronage goal is reached, monthly funds will be sufficient after Patreon, PayPal fees, and federal taxes, to allow me to stay committed full time and expand the reach of the portrait gifting. I did not use any crowd funding to finance prepararation for this outreach. I have personally covered the cost of vehicle restoration and modification as well as all equipment needed to make this work possible.
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