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At the begining of the month you will have access to a preview page where you could have a peek (no spoilers) of what will happen that month in the comic.

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Whenever the cover of a new chapter is published, an 18" x 24" full color poster will be sent to your shipping address.

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Whenever a three-chapters tome is printed, a signed copy will be sent to your shipping address.




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About Zico

By becoming my Patron you are not paying me for my art. Jolly-Roger-den is free and I do it because I'm a stubborn rat and I feel like doing it. By becoming my Patron what you are doing is helping in its creation. You're making sure it can keep going. You're making it better, becoming part of it, getting closer to me. You're becoming my friend. You're saying "thanks". You are expressing your love and making me love you back. Ah, yeah, and there are the rewards, also.

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Ten bucks, hey, not bad! I will draw a beautiful wallpaper for all my beautiful Patrons.
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