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About Ryan English

I'm Ryan English, and I'm the author of the Acts of Androkles series. The first book, Obstacles, is available from the medium-sized publisher Wordfire Press on all major online retailers. Although I'd love to make a living in traditional publishing and that's still my end goal, these days it's harder than ever (not that it has ever been easy). Times are changing, and I'm changing with them.

That's why I'm posting the entire Acts of Androkles series online to read for free. I want as many readers as possible to enjoy my content because I believe that if enough people read it, I'll find a core audience willing to support me. The book will stay in print from Wordfire--I'm happy with my experience with them. This is just a new way to reach audiences and build a revenue stream that will help me write full-time.

Until I'm making enough to live on, the money earned by this Patreon will be put right back into the work, covering costs like advertising and art commissions, all of which will be free to the public (and many of which will find their way to Royal Road).

Patrons gain access to advance chapters, polls, side projects, and other perks. For example, I'll be doing regular readings of my stories (and others) in the Discord, which any level of support grants you access to.

Read the Acts of Androkles series here:

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