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Cog in the Machine
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You’re the piece that gets the Machine Started! At this level you’ll get a personal thank you video message on my G9Design IG  from “Jeannine The Machine,” complete with a personalized Schmoedown entrance costume, song and pun! Plus you can help me study for the Schmoedown! Ask me movie trivia questions each month and I’ll answer them,right or wrong, in a video and discuss the films, how I know, or don’t know the answer, etc! Also get early looks at designs I’m working on, or about ideas I’m thinking about! You’ll also get monthly Schmoedown reaction vids!

Steam Heat
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Now we’re cooking! The machine is heating up and ready to work! With this tier you’ll Get a corny super hero joke from “Harley Quinn”. A monthly check in video reviewing everything that’s going on with Patreon, Schmoedown and my art. Movie review videos each week for new and old movies! Be entered in a drawing each month to be eligible for higher tier perks like stickers, postcards , art etc. Plus all $1 tier perks! 

Blue Collar
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With this tier you’re the one pulling the lever and getting the machine running! You’ll get a one time 4x6 postcard featuring one of my designs and a personal message from me after a month of support! You’ll also be a part of the “Sticker of the month” club!! Each month you‘ll get 2 art stickers! One will be a fun design the other will sometimes be a logo for a featured creator with info on how to check out their content! Lookout for posts announcing that month’s sticker,along with some info about the design!! Plus the previous tier perks!



About Jeannine LC

Hey ya’ll! I’m Jeannine! You may know me as a graphic designer or as “Jeannine the Machine” on the Movie Trivia Schmoedown! I have a BA in graphic design. Creating geeky art is my true passion and I just want to share my art with the world! The programs I use to design are a monthly cost and I’m about due for a new computer. While being an absolutely amazing experience, participating in the Schmoedown is also a great way to get my name and my work out there but to travel to compete is also a bit of an expense. This would be a huge help to get me to the Schmoedown and keep my little freelance design biz going!
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If this goal is met I will add an option to the $3 Tier where you can vote on a future singles entrance look and song!
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