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About Caitlin Metz

a tender queer, feisty introvert, early morning art making kind of human that wants to fuck shit up with empathy

Hi, I'm that tender queer, feisty introvert that wakes up early (mostly because of intense anxiety) to make things. Things I hope will disrupt stagnate ways of being, question arbitrary + useless constructs + beliefs about bodies, mental health, gender, etc. I'm forever deconstructing the ways my body moves through space. How it interacts with other bodies, nature, and the world.

That all sounds really fancy, mostly I'm just over here having the most feelings, and the only way I know to process them is to create something. I make zines and books, I print on my letterpress, sometimes I make paper, I do a lot of line drawings, create online courses and write moody manifestos. These modes of expression + creation make me feel less alone. They are meditative + healing. I hope they bring the same comfort to you.

If you want to be a part of the questions I'm forever asking. If you're into irreverent commentary + feelings. If you want random prints, zines, and to share in the deep feels of a wildly anxious, sometimes depressed, always longing, desire filled human; then you're in the right space. You can find me over sharing on my instagram. And here you can sign up to get things sent directly to you, as I create them. 

I'm making this page because I want to spend more time making things + processing what it means to be a person together. I want to send those things to you without having to spend much time or thought on marketing / selling. I want to make things and give them all back to you + share them in my community. I also want to donate my time and energy to projects and non-profits I care about. Your support here will enable me to do that more freely.  

Pay what you want / can and get access to everything I share here. My hope is to make the world a little softer and less lonely. I want to do that free of hierarchy. Your ability to pay has no bearing on your worth and value in the world. I see you, you're not alone. (You can read about my decision to shift the way I run this space here)

$397 of $500 per month
At 500 a month, I'll take a minimum of 50 copies of current prints I've been working on and leave around town in public spaces for folks to discover and take. My hope in all that I create is for folks to feel less alone. I want to distribute any and all recourses I have into my community. I'll continue this every month going forward.
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