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About Chaz Brenchley

Update: My wife Karen has multiple sclerosis, and has been accepted onto a program that offers radical new treatment, chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant that reboots the immune system and can function as a complete cure. Of course this is expensive, and we have to find the funds. For the foreseeable future, then, this Patreon is functioning as a fundraiser, to mend my broken Karen. Please contribute if you can; even three bucks a month makes a difference. And see what you get in exchange, what delights await you:

“English girls' boarding-school stories. On Mars.”

That was the original elevator pitch for this Patreon: a very focused project, to let me write something from my heart that was not likely to prove commercially viable. I have a lifelong love for the Chalet School books of Elinor M Brent-Dyer; one morning that coupled in my head with the Old Mars that I was already writing stories about, and I simply couldn’t resist. If Mars were a province of the British Empire, of course it would need boarding-schools for girls (it was already canonical in the stories that boys were sent back to England for their education, but girls were not). Hence the Crater School, on the rim of a crater lake, taking girls from all over the colony, from the great cities of Marsport and New Victoria and Cassini to the pioneer farms on the frontier. With all the concomitant mischief-making, fire and flood, alarms and excursions, encounters with aliens and more. Sickly parents in the sanatorium across the lake. Old girls marrying doctors. Picnics and midnight feasts, secret tunnels and great revelations. Oh, and Russian spies for good measure.

The first book in the series, “Three Twins at the Crater School,” is now finished, and I’m having far too much fun to stop. Subscribers here have immediate access to that book, and a number of novellas in the same world; plus you can read the second book, “Dust-Up at the Crater School,” chapter by chapter as I write it (commonly two chapters a month), along with recipes from Mrs Bailey’s Martian Kitchen and occasional other matter. [And cat pictures. The wife says there should be cat pictures. Oh, okay then. We have a few of those.]

But wait, there’s more! Potentially a lot more; people keep making suggestions, and let’s face it, after forty years a professional writer (I started very young) I do have a long backlist to draw from. Not to mention the sidelist, of stories written but not actually published; nor the underlist, all those stories begun and never finished. Some of those might make their first bow here. The world of Chaz is your oyster of choice, as it were.

To begin with, though: at the back end of the nineties and the beginning of the oughts, I wrote a 700,000-word extravaganza, my first venture into epic historical fantasy. The Books of Outremer take place in a parallel to the Crusader States, where religion twists easily into magic and the desert is inhabited by djinn and ’ifrit and more. Because nothing in my career has ever been simple or straightforward, it was a fat trilogy in the UK and six slender volumes in the US (published at the rate of one a month, in a charming experiment that completely didn’t work). Neither edition has ever been available in e-books - until now. My current plan is to release Outremer via Book View Cafe, in an Author’s Cut (essentially the US six-volume edition, lightly polished because apparently I never can stop fiddling) - but I’m going to publish them chapter by chapter here on Patreon first, as I clean them up.

So that’s the deal, people: a couple of chapters a month from a fun new project, plus a couple of old chapters a month from something completely different (like seriously, completely different), plus the occasional bonus. Enjoy...
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Karen's been the breadwinner in our marriage thus far, but everything's up in the air now; we have no idea what her health's going to be like after chemo. A thousand bucks a month would at least cover our groceries, and I'd feel like I was making a contribution.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 101 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 101 exclusive posts

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