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  • See final product and download final high-rez pieces 
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About Andreas

What is the RPG Pixel Project
Here, we are creating pixelart and animations based around the Baby Bestiary, Dungeons & Dragons and anything else related to tabletop RPGs (ttrpgs).

Greetings, I am Andreas, a data analyst by day and a tabletop RPG publisher and visionary by night. I am best known my company Metal Weave Games and it's creations such as the award-winning Baby Bestiary, Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom, Atlas Animalia and Non-Player Cards.

The RPG Pixel Project was born from a fun idea to promote one of our kickstarters by creating an owlbear cub in the style of Nyan Cat. 

Needless to say, the GIF was adored and we ended up creating two more just because people were loving it so much. Given the opportunity, and the core reason for this project is to create more adorable beast GIFs.

We also went on to experiment with our other properties, Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom, just to see how characters and environment would appear.

I love how all these turned out and I started the Pixel Project to keep the amazing art and animations flowing.

As a patron, you will allow me to commission more and more pixel art and animations for all to enjoy, as well as helping pick out what gets illustrated and animated.

Benefits (tiers are being charged on a monthly basis)
  • $1 - Thank you for your support, you get to suggest, and vote on what gets pixleated. Also you will be the first to see and download the final pieces
  • $5 - Once a month, suggest one item to be added to list of things to be pixelated.
    Includes all prior rewards.
  • $10 - Get separated file layers. Includes all prior rewards.
    if you plan to use these on a monetized project or platform (such as twitch, youtube, game project/product, ect) please get permission from me prior to use. Its not that I'm trying to stop people from using it, I want to know how people plan on using it before I finalize some sort of license for the works.
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we're a Pack and one step closer to making this project self-sustaining.
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