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You get to join my discord chat but also get to request the youtube video I do and if your an editor you can edit it in your own way also join me on youtube by making linking youtube channels if you have a youtube channel .




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About thomasbickerdike

Hi my name is tom im 18 years old and I'm a collector, youtuber, gamer and animal lover.
on youtube I do monthly subscription boxes (sometimes they arrive late) , I react to funny videos on youtube and take suggestions, i also play games on the Channel and also I love talking to the comments it gives me happiness that people are actually starting to recognise me I'm not bragging or anything but I do want a community and make not just friends but also family.
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I will do a big shout out to everyone who supported me and do a special video . I could a podcast but don't know anyone who would join me and I not that interesting any ways 
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