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About The 2Ps podcast

We are 2 mates who met working for Games Workshop in Plymouth. We love this hobby and we especially love talking about it, so we thought we'd record our ramblings and release them as a podcast. And things grew from there!

Our podcast is light-hearted, really doesn't take itself seriously, and is quite literally mates just chatting hobby. We cover a range of stuff, mainly Games Workshop, but we will chat about any wargame that crosses our paths!

We are especially keen on helping to support and grow the local community and we try our best in whatever way we can to do this.  In particular we provide a calendar of local events on our website alongside a map showing the location of as many gaming clubs, communities and traders as we can find.

So why set up a Patreon?

At present podbean allows for a limited amount of free uploads however we currently choose to upload above this to ensure we can provide a minimum two episodes per month.  The cost of this as well as hosting the website which provides our community content is met by us with neither the podcast or our social media activity generating any income. Your support would ensure we can continue to upload the content that we do and maintain the website as it currently stands.

In future we would very much like to:

Expand our community support to include visiting and reviewing events whilst providing their creators with an established social media presence to get their passion across.

Create video content allowing us to be another source of down to earth, accessible techniques and reviews for the community.

Improve the quality of our recording to ensure everyone can easily hear our cultured voices...

Expand our “Into the Wilds” section to explore games decided by you our listeners and ensuring small ventures get as much extra exposure as we can provide.

And of course that age old cliche, much much more!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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