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is creating ADHD Gamer lets plays and other cool stuff

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For this goal , you will be given a personal thank you aswell as choosing what game I should play via a poll ( if not possible then by random lottery )
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WOOOOAAAA you guys are too kind X3. With this pledge you can BE IN THE VIDEO. and also has the 5 dollar pledge which is included with the 10)




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Hello I am Chris and this is the Show ADHD gamer. I have started this show mainly because I was bored and wanted to do something fun not only for me , but for other people during my spare time. Now 2 years later , I am still going strong making thought videos , lets plays and alot more new videos in the near future 

Now  what will these donations go into once I get it . The money will go into buying more games , buying a better video camera , and to buy a better video editing software to cut the videos in . With the help of my fans or  people who are new to watching my videos, I can make this channel one of the most popular on youtube.

$0 of $100 per month
Thank you so much for supporting me in this epic endevour . With this goal I can buy video games to entertain you guys aswell as a new camera for high quality viewing . So again thank you very much =)
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