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About Rhythm

Hey, guys. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Rhythm, a young writer who is currently producing an online novel by the name of Touch, in order to both better myself as a writer and to explore some concepts that I haven't really seen explored in fiction before. Honestly, I'm kind of bad at self promotion. I get all awkward and the words don't flow particularly well. So, if you don't mind, I'll just start by telling you what Touch is and what I intended it to be, okay? Okay.

Touch is a story about a boy named James, and his friends: a group of young, superpowered people brought together by trauma; all trying, in their own ways, to come to terms with what that trauma means to them and who they want to be in response to it. This is a learning process, and mistakes are frequently made; but they grow, learn, and adapt to these difficulties in ways that some might say only young people can.

I started work on Touch, initially, as a critique to the "Rape as backstory" and "Rape as drama" tropes that I had seen popping up every now and again in works of fiction. I often found that some writers tried to use different kinds of trauma as a narrative device, a way of explaining why a character was a certain way, or of making the audience feel sympathetic towards them without having to put too much effort into giving them nuance. I found that kind of upsetting, because it oversimplifies a very nuanced, complex topic that affects different people in very different ways, and often does disservice to the characters it is used on. So, Touch became my attempt to explore the subject of trauma properly, I guess.

One thing I have striven to do while writing Touch is to never allow my characters to be one dimensional. I hate stories in which the heroes or the villains come across as these mono-tonal entities lacking either coherent motivation or basic human traits. It boils down the concepts of good and evil into almost insultingly simplistic terms, and, I feel, does a disservice to the audience in doing so. I like to think my characters feel more human than that, but that's something that I would hope you'd be interested enough to judge for yourselves.

Why am I asking for support? Well, I would hope at this point that the answer is obvious. Writing is a time consuming task and, balancing it with work, I struggle to really produce much more than a chapter or two a week. I would like to have the freedom necessary to pursue this exploration with a greater amount of my time, but as things stand, I cannot really do that. So, yeah, that's why I'm here. I need help to pursue this to a greater depth, and am hopeful that you will see the endeavor itself as something worth supporting. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you liked what you read. To everyone who helped me get where I am at present, you have my most heartfelt thanks. 

Well, that's all for me. You can find a link to the beginning of the story both here and in the section above. Thank you, and have a nice day.
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When I reach my first ten patrons, I will send out a vote exclusive to them, in which they will be allowed to choose the subject of a chapter that I shall then write and upload onto the story site for everyone to see. Those ten patrons will be listed in the notes of that chapter, and will be given my heartiest thanks.
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