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About Garry

Hello you out there -  my name is Garry!

like suggested I'd want to thank all my patrons for giving a bit for a bit. :)
My favourite thing to do is theoretical modern media art with a touch of nonsense, which is almost the same as philosophising all day. I call it "design", but most designers are not ready for the difference between art and design. (I'm not saying I'd tell ya...)
So I'm not perceiving myself as an artist (or even artistic designer), as more as an intercept between art, design and a favour of topics connecting these. Music is a thing for me too...

At the moment I'm working with a friend on a history-book for youngsters an elders, where I participate in the illustration of the book.
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Should I reach 500$ per month, I would look forward to make a 24h media-art-gaming-stream, once a month.

media / art / gaming
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Just tell me what you want to see.
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