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About Oliver Harper

Who is Oliver Harper and what does he do? 
For over seven years, I've been producing mini-documentaries on YouTube, covering those classic movies from the 80s and 90s that we all grew up on. My aim is to bring something new to the film review and move it towards something more substantial for the viewer, a retrospective. Giving my audience a window into the past and reliving the classics we grew up on as a kid and films we may have missed as part of our youth but can revisit again now. I produce and edit two trailers for each film I feature. I also go beyond reviewing a film by addressing the production, the music and its franchise in gaming, toys, spin-offs and sequels. The video above is my recent review of The Matrix (1999) which has been a favourite among my YouTube supporters and is a good example of the content I produce, original in its production and entertaining in content.

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With your support, I can continue producing these high quality documentaries that provide entertaining alternative trailers, an educational experience, and a detailed and fair review plus video specials and audio commentaries. With the various perks, you can gain access to the reviews and commentaries early before everyone on YouTube plus exclusive content.

There are always copyright issues with YouTube and their Content ID system. Even using footage under fair use I'm still seeing my new reviews being claimed by third-party companies and I lose all the revenue earned for that month. To help support my work and continue working full time on YouTube, Patreon is ideal for me to give the viewers weekly content and for the quality to remain high. It is with your help and your kind donations that I will be able to continue producing the content that you, the viewer, can enjoy.

Thank you for your continued support, whether or not you decide to pledge anything each month. I appreciate you watching my videos and continuing to follow my work.
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