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About ELEVEN Music

Hi, I've been making instrumental beats and remixes using a pretty old laptop, I hope someone can fund me to help me get all the equipment I need in pursuing music. I promise to supply more enjoyable contents and put everything on my music career once I have the things I need.
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When I reach $500 per month, I'll start making music with homeless people whether they can or cannot sing, I'll let them play something, tap something, play sounds with their mouth and then record it, once I gathered all the stuff I need and thought of an idea I will use my computer to edit the sounds and make an EDM / POP / Dope beats out of it, I will sell the track and 80% of the profit will go to the person that helped me make that specific track and 20% will be collected and saved to use it as a price for a People-in-Need Game Show thru Youtube a VLOG. I hope you guys help me do this as I am so excited to help people and discover people's talent with the help of my knowledge in music.
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