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Whoever pledges, I shall put up at the final end series credits of the Text-to-Speech Device, showing that you were involved in the making of it!

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Whoever pledges over 30 dollars a month, I'll put up into the 'Special Thanks' segment of every episode of TTS in the future, and as thanks, you are invited to enter Alfabusa's Hive World (which is on Discord).
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About Alfabusa


The reason I've made this account where people can throw money at me is for two reasons:
1. I want to be able to pay the people who help me make my videos, especially the TTS-Videos.
These people help me just out of kindness and helpfulness and I always feel bad about pestering them about something I need for a video when I am the only one really benefiting from it. That's why I'd like to get a hold of some kind of budget so I can at least pay the people who help me for lunch or whatever! These people include voice-actors, artists, audio-makers and script-writers; they're all super awesome people and I feel they deserve something for what they do, thing is that I can't reward them myself.

2. I pay for programs each month (such as Adobe After Effects) to keep my channel up and running. Basically, it'd be absolutely fantastic if I could get alittle bit of help with this as I am but a poor hobo!

All in all, I want to follow through with the TTS-Series until its final episode. I want to keep producing material for you to enjoy and I'd hate to see it stop being made because of financial reasons.
So, even if it feels like I'm begging (which I feel awful about doing), I'm just going to try and ask if you can throw some dosh at me if you like my videos and would like to see the series until its very end!

This will help me stay afloat and will allow me to sit around and edit videos for a prolonged period of time; as long as you are around, I will stay here and make content for you!

Thanks a whole lot and Emperor bless!

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