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About Efrain Jorge

What words are the right ones to request support to convert your art and your reason for living in your livelihood? Writing is what I know how to do in my life ... a statement that is too simple but the one that best summarizes what I intend to express. Writing gives meaning to my life, in fact together with my loved ones is my reason to live. I write romantic stories, romantic dramas with components of eroticism, action, humour and adventure. I intend that my stories reflect in a credible and exciting way the intense and complex emotions of human beings, especially around those two issues that greater passion and happiness, but also pain and disappointment, can bring to our lives: love and sex. My stories relate the events in the most realistic way possible, and therefore I'm not prudish when it comes to showing sex ... both sex and violence are presented in a graphic way, but trying to keep good taste, not hurt the sensitivity of the majority and not being vulgar.
I generally prefer that my stories are period dramas, I prefer to set my stories in past times and in my favourite historical contexts. Also because I believe that romance was better and more lovely in times past when social conventions favoured the idealism of true love (although hypocrisy and cynicism have always been present, and human passions defied any moral precept and/or social). But I also write current stories. I am fortunate to have a group of loyal readers, who until now have enjoyed my fanfic literature. They with their affection, support and comments have encouraged me and reinforced the conviction that my writing is quite good. I have also shared my stories on YouTube as audiobook videos, and I have also been successful. But obviously, real life has demands that we need to cover from a monetary point of view.
I come to the patronage to be able to live on my writing, to be able to devote myself to creating stories that make the life of my readers happy, so that I can devote myself to generating and sharing my work with people from all over the world. What I intend is to make a contract with you readers and patrons, for which I contribute my creativity and you, if you judge my work pleasant for you and worthy of your support, support me economically to live of my intellectual work. You will have for your enjoyment not one, but several works in development, and constant updates. I believe that the economic contribution is modest in comparison with the benefit for your leisure, and also the satisfaction of supporting someone who only wants to live off his talent, a talent (that of a writer) that is undervalued many times. I thank you for your affection and love, for sharing the intense experience of writer-reader with me, and for buying my work. I hope not to disappoint you all.

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