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About Rev Edu
Our mission is to spread the wealth of knowledge to everyone no matter
their economical status, country, race, current education levels, gender,
or sexual identity. We aim to create the future of education in a friendly
environment for all our users. We also want to achieve in teaching our
students to teach themselves and guide them along their journey, because
we feel no matter how hard we attempt to teach and no matter how hard we
try to teach that we can only teach properly by teaching how to self teach.
Rev Edu is a friendly interactive learning environment suited for
all ages, that focuses on helping incoming students free of charge. We are
sustained by voluntary teachers and students who make themselves at home
and find a gain of satisfaction within our atmosphere. We welcome all who
wish to gain knowledge without commitment. May it be that math class your
struggling in or whether you are merely interested in the variety of
subjects taught here at Rev Edu. We are founded by individuals who have
been motivated by a deep desire to help educate the public and do it on a
widely accessible platform. Rev Edu was influenced by multiple coworkers
who started a server in discord that was merely dedicated to learning.
Which sparked the idea of something much greater in the mind of its
AWESOME creator. We are very passionate about providing resources for the
growing youth and the future of our children.
We take into consideration all those who did not have the chance to
learn what their hearts desire and want to provide that chance for them.
Whether your are adult who has had to given up school and can’t seem to
find a place where you can start. Here we do offer this opportunity. We
give out to the world in hope of a better environment and future careers.

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