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is creating Paintings, Design, Music
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About Aaron Lee Art


I am building a community to discover freedom through art. Together we will learn about financial freedom, we will explore freedom of mind, and we will create together to spread freedom through the vehicle of art, design, and music.

Together we will create clothing, shirts, and sweatshirts to promote artistic freedom. Also I'd like to create posters and prints that we can make together and go out and put them in our community to raise awareness. Lastly I'd like to work together to create a printed magazine that people can contribute to either through written articles, photography, and illustrative art, that we can distribute to our communities and spread the message of freedom thru art!

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Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of the world we live in. I agree with Matisse when he said, “all art is religious.” My work explores the themes of spirituality, consumerism, popular culture, psychology and contemporary elegant design. My goal is to create remarkable art and continue in the dialog with the great masters of art history. I believe in the power of creativity and the power that fine art has to provide healing and inspiration for the viewer.

—Aaron Lee

The purpose is to create Remarkable Art. Design unique solutions that are beautiful.

Craftsmanship. Everything is crafted with integrity, elegance, and purpose.

Graphic Design ● Branding ● Logo Design ● UX Design ● Painting ● Sculpture, Great design takes complicated ideas and makes them simple and beautiful.
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When I reach $1200 per month, I will start a daily live stream covering culture, design and fine art.

This channel will also live stream live art and design projects happening at the design studio.
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