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About Kurere Living with Kelly Bradley

"Lifestyle medicine" is the new healthcare!  Lifestyle medicine is carefully crafting a daily lifestyle that is filled with rituals that help you heal and return to your innate well-being. 

As a licensed healthcare practitioner
I work with patients to educate them about the latest research and evidence-based tools, strategies and products for healing that may work for them.  I don't stop there.  I help them organize their daily life to gradually integrate one new ritual or tool in at a time so we can systematically test what is working and what is not.  Week after week we tweak their schedule to get better and better results. 

Plus, I teach them how to tune into their inner wisdom for the guidance to what is best for them to help them heal.  Ultimately, all the research in the world can say something but if your "gut" or your "intuitive sense" is telling you to go a different direction- I recommend you listen to that "inner guidance system". 

This is the reality of a healing journey.  I know from experience you need support, guidance and community.

I am a practitioner and I experienced my own healing journey. 
It rocked my world and transformed me both professionally and personally.  

Now I am creating what I wish I had during my own healing journey to help people move through the healing journey with more ease, grace and joy and get to the other side faster. 

Here on Patreon I'm sharing my podcast conversations with people experiencing their own healing journey, experts who work in the various healing fields and practitioners who have experienced their own healing journey. 

I believe we heal via story and when you, my Patreon friends, hear theses stories I hope you take away at least one thing that helps you to personally heal you! 

FYI- I'm just starting to learn how to shoot and edit my own videos and audios.  I look forward to building my skills in these areas more and more! 

I look forward to this journey with you!  Kelly

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