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About Sandy

Hello there! Call me Sandy. I'm a high-school student aiming to be in the animation field very soon! I like pastel colors, flowers, and guess what - PONIES!

Neck-breaking, they'd say. I prefer ~*~fabulous~*~.

The Beast of Old

was my first project to take off. Do you like ponies? Greco-roman mythology? Human-in-Equestria? A confused, stargazer, cute little patootie, unplanned plot and bad timing?
I've got you covered. 

God I've improved. Anyways, Link link. Go check it out ;D

The Adventures of Lyra and Lucía

People liked The Beast of Old. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Ice Age creator, but honestly. Lyra and a Human. There can't be a better match. New format (Tumblr ask blog) because yes.
It's also my excuse to ship LyraBon but shhhhh. Nobody knows.

It's good to see improvement. But it's terrifying too. Yes, it is.
Link link. Go ask ;D


In This Year of 2k14, it hit me.
"I'm going to Animation University!!!!!11!!!!!1!1
Gotta prepare!!1!
*animates silly less-than-1-second-long things some months before applying*

I'll never learn, will I?

Is that all, Sandy?

Yes. Yes it is. Like it? Be my Patron.

... Um, Sandy...

If you're wondering: Yes, I will be the parent that makes the corny jokes. Thank you for asking.

Now go go, and pledge! ;D
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On deviantArt, I need a Premium Membership to keep updating you about my projects - I'm always using the Schedule tool to post my art, but without a Premium Membership, I won't be able to use it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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