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it literally wont let me do less than a dollar
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this is the max tier. with this you can send me unlimited requests in full living color which you could also do for free and i would also fulfill for free but




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About oliver

I don't really have a place to upload my art onto that's SECURE and I figured if someone wants to give me 25 cents to ease the pain of the ebay bronies demanding refunds without returning their items or else they will nuke my store then well. You may do just that.....

objects i manufacture
  • ms paint drawing
  • mario paint drawing and or video
  • amvs
  • fanfiction
note all of these items are in my "signature style"

$0 of $1 per month
truthfully i wish to use this space as a place where i can upload my art without twitter blasting me to hell ill still never forget how they took away my quaker oatmeal art

also it wont let me say 0 as a goal so i have to say 1 but dont be fooled i wish for it to be 0
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