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Artist Author Inventor
     I make realistic paintings of ocean stuff and drawings every day.
     I took my best paintings and created a 78 page Graphic Novel, "Soup line at the FEMA Honor Camp" with 10+ full color paintings, about a corruption free renaissance future;
     Build a better swim fin and the world will beat a path to your door.  I've several human powered underwater propulsion systems, some with patent pending but the best ever was filmed by a drone a few days ago and it's awesome!!! 
     I started college wanting to be a Marine Biologist as cover for the impending swimfin. Yes,even in 1978.  That soon turned into being in the Marine Art Movement with Nelson Lassen and Wyland.  But since age 17 I've been...ok Obsessed with swimming propulsion. So I was making Save the Whales paintings and working on swim fins.  I graduated from Hawaii Loa College having had been chosen by William V. Brace (biological illustrator for the LA times) for 5 individual study courses.  Well, one thing led to another, the directions got all fouled up, first thing you know, when push comes to shove, yadda yadda I leave the trailer park in California and drive to Honduras. (VW Campervan) where I found out that diving is what I had been missing  But I made more money on signs and paintings than as a PADI dive instructor  Still obsessed with human powered aquatic propulsion.  I made some light weight Squid fins at the same time as a 6' diameter bubble of air 20' under water powered by a compressor at the surface on 2, 10'x20' rafts out by the lighthouse.   See some vids on my youtube channel 
       The Marine Art Movement never showed sharks or scary stuff because the point was to win hearts to the beauty Jaques Couteau had shown us was out there.  So I made paintings, toys, games, bubbles, swim fins and videos.  Videos of inventions that are not perfected shouldn't be but are, only  a cause for ridicule.  Until it WORKS!    
$0 of $800 per creation
My goal has not changed in 41 years.  I wanted to create the world's fastest swim fin and then mass produce and sell them.  I didn't know about Patreon so I struggled through the hard part alone.  Now that it works, I'll need Patrons to kick us into the next phase. Production, i.e. Make the mold. I'll need people who can see how a game changer swim fin; sets the dive world on it's ear and makes the world a better place.  Swimming is just about the most fun you can have and now it's even better!  Through Patreon I want to get the $$$ to work through the process of starting this avalanche and getting a mastermind alliance team that is in my corner.  I'm all in and always have been. Luckily you can go on the ride for whatever amount you want in for.  
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