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is creating A Space Engineers community
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The Basics
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 Become a member of the Community, your username will be placed in the special thanks in our discord and you will get the scripter role in-game.
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The Members
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Become a member of the in-game law making council, (soon to be implemented of course)
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The Dictator
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Become the ruling body for the server. Your word is law (within reason of course). You are the judge jury and executioner. Admins still out rank you however and always get the final say.
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About Common Nonsense

Help keep The Fist alive! Even a dollar helps pay the server fees and rewards are bound to come. Every day that the server is up the community has a chance to grow and expand, inviting new users and broadening the SE experience.

Found this page some other way than through our discord?Join us here!
$0 of $20 per month
Once we hit 20$ a month the server can begin to be online consistently and we can look to upgrading it.
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