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is creating VIdeos, Graphic, Applications, Game Mods, Websites
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This first ever tier is for people, who believe in this project due from it's early stage. At this point it have no benefits for you, how can it, when nothing is live yet, right? But you never know what it would bring you. Right now you know for sure just one thing - you would be one of 500 people with future benefits. After 500 Patrons, no one can join this tier ;)

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About Armani Diamond

As the part of international IT freelancers teams, I was and I'm part of teams providing everything from graphics thru websites to the applications and games.

At this moment I'm working long time at editing popular open source game GTA V to get the most realistic GTA game version ever. More details you can see in the Intro video, on Instagram or discord channel. This game version will be available soon to download for FREE. You can stay in touch via Instagram and Discord.

This game is just the start of my video & games journey. You can expect more projects which would be every time better and bigger along with my experiences and visibility, which would give me more options to make better project for public.

More tiers with benefits will be available after game pack release. Until that time, I appreciate any proven support.

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