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Hello, My name is Chaos. I make stages for the fan game Sonic World. I try my hardest to make every stage I create the best it can be for the community to enjoy. However in recent times I have come under a lot of real life issues that have affected my ability to create content for this community I love so much, this is why I have set up this account to allow me to keep making these things to show how much I appreciate the community and the game too. My disabilities and diseases has made it almost virtually impossible to work. I have no funds to support any of my illnesses and it has left both my wife and I in an extremely awful situation which I fear without proper funds, there will be no way out of. As it stands, without any support I wont be able to fight off any of my terminal illnesses, I've been fighting heart disease, multiple personality disorder and depression for aslong as I can remember. I want change and this is how I'm going to achieve it. Please find it out of the kindness out of your heart to support me, and I promise to deliver back to the patrons who do so in time.

In due time, when I'm on my feet. Every patreon who supports me will get exclusive access to brand new stages every couple of months, without a public release with a quality seal of approval as a thank you for the support, aswell as incentive to continue supporting me.
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