Tyler Rhodes

is creating an evolving artwork



About Tyler Rhodes

With your help, I can create more artwork based of my evolution! project! Wondering what my evolution project is about? In a nutshell: the project uses copied drawings to ‘evolve’ creatures over time, and teaches evolution in the process by letting you experience it yourself! You can see the actual animation here,
with more info here

Also a special thanks to all the people over the years who made drawings for the project! including…
Patrick Henry School of Science & Art
William Fox Elementary
VCU Kinetic Imaging
VCU Lobs and Lessons Program
VCU Discovery Program
the Science Museum of Virginia
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Lighthouse Studios
Mid-Atlantic Bioanthropology Interest Group
SouthEastern Evolutionary Perspectives Society
NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society
and MAGFest!