Megan Parsons

is creating stories!

About Megan Parsons

Who are you?
I'm sodachrome! 
I'm currently in school for creative writing and attempting to become a real-life writer! 

What do you write about?

In the work I don't publish I like to dabble in almost everything. However, my published work revolves mostly around romance stories.

What do I get for supporting you?

Depending on the tier you can a lot of (hopefully) cool things. This includes early releases to all chapters of any future stories, alternative endings, liveshows, input on my stories and more! 

What does my money go towards?
Mostly my time. If I'm able to make money from writing I will be able to spend less time working a real life job and more time making stories. 

Do I have to pay?
You'll always be able to read the stories I post for free and I would never shame anyone for not wanting to spend their money on me ( trust me I get it).

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