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About Ricardo the Cynical Critic

I started creating very early in life from crafts to stories, to I learned quickly that not only did I have a knack for it... but I loved doing it as well.
However, I never was able or even encouraged to share with others my tales, so it was only recently that I began doing so, starting with YouTube.

Yeah, like everybody else and their dog.

Anyways, my first project is making reviews for a show that I not only like, but also showed me that anime can have a good story with great characters, but also how much fun I can have sharing in the joy that we viewers have in watching it.

That show is RWBY, but it won't be the only show that I will be doing. Given some more time to build my channel up and with better resources and connections, I will branch out to other shows and those first on my list are: Elfin Lied, RvB, the Legend of Korra, Fullmetal Alchemist, and any others that my viewers will like me to take a look at.

Cause no matter how good or bad some might think it is, I will always be able to find both in it.

For when it comes to me, no Movie's sacred, no Video's safe, but all deserve a chance.

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